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Alex Benjamin

Service Desk Coordinator
Alex holds an integral role within service delivery, taking responsibility for ticket allocation and delivery. He reports on monthly performance, ensuring we meet our KPIs/SLAs and are analysing any recurring issues to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

When initially given the challenge to reflect on my experience at bzb IT, I’ll be honest it made me realise how focused on the day-to-day I was and gave me an important moment to really think about my time so far and what working here actually meant to me. Two words came to mind: opportunity and family.


Coming from an in-house IT role to an MSP I knew the knowledge and skills gap would be big, but the opportunities to learn and advance my career have been bigger. Working in an MSP that is focussed upon advancing has opened up more access to a variety of technology (used by an ever-growing portfolio of clients) and helps to facilitate advancing your knowledge and experience. The first couple of months were certainly a mix of anxiousness and excitement as I learnt the role and dealt with the day-to-day tickets from clients as I got my feet under the desk (so-to-speak).

It’s been really interesting learning about each client, how they work day-to-day and how their needs from IT support can vary. Building relationships with the Head Contacts and end users has been especially rewarding, and it’s always nice to hear that users are happy with the service they’re receiving.


I had previously worked with some of the analysts at bzb IT, so I knew I was joining a good and welcoming team. Everyone was so nice and kind when I first joined, I felt welcome, and a part of the group straight away. As corny as it is it feels like a family. Everyone looks out for each other, and nothing is too much trouble when you ask someone for a favour or help. The atmosphere in the office is always fun and relaxed, and as Thursday is the company day it gives you the chance to catch up face-to-face with everyone (and also gives you a chance to get bragging rights on the pool table!).

The Future

Since being at bzb IT I’ve learnt a hell of a lot about myself and what I am capable of. I have surprised myself with the amount of knowledge I’ve acquired and can now operate with a lot more autonomy. I was recently rewarded with a promotion to ServiceDesk Coordinator and have loved the variety the role brings.

As I look forward, I’ve structured my development plan around certifications to the Microsoft 365 product suite as I’ve always wanted to pursue learning and getting certifications within Microsoft. Everything is moving towards Microsoft and Azure, and there are always new features released that can really make a difference in businesses performance and security.

I’ve really enjoyed learning and exploring Freshservice (the software we use to run the SD), when I worked in-house, we used a custom SharePoint list to deal with tickets. The features and workflows within Freshservice make day-to-day work for our analysts easier, allowing them to focus on giving the users the best possible experience. Since joining we have implemented more workflows within the service desk for example ticket escalation. I plan to further investigate and learn

Freshservice to make sure we can create the best experience for both our analysts and clients.


I’ve genuinely loved my time at bzb IT, the combination of opportunity and team culture has been the perfect fit for me. I’m excited to develop my technical skills and continue to support the team on delivering exceptional service to our clients. Onwards and upwards!

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