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David Areskog

Solutions Engineer
David is a Cyber Security expert and fully qualified to audit SMEs to Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. He’s also an experienced IT engineer, having worked in multiple Managed Service Providers across the last decade.

At bzb IT, Dave is accountable for Service Delivery and Operational Efficiency alongside CE audits.

bzb IT: The Story so far

Founded in 2018 by Sam Vesey and Dragisa Matovski after decades of combined experience in the IT industry, bzb IT based in the heart of Bath, are keeping IT simple and getting it right.

Bzb IT are one of the fastest growing IT companies in the South-West, seeing a doubling of revenue in 2021/2022, with a further c.50% growth in 2022/2023.

With a continued ambition to support more local SMEs with high quality IT services, the firm has strengthened its team by appointing Jack Vesey as Managing Director.

We caught up with Jack & bzb IT to find out more about their story, their leadership changes and their strategic ambitions moving forward.

What was the catalyst for setting up the business?

Having worked in the Managed Service Provider industry for a long time, both Sam and Dragisa believed there was a better way to deliver IT support. They felt aggrieved with SMEs being exposed to sub-standard technical solutions, often due to (in their opinion) an unbalanced focus on commercial gain rather than customer outcomes. They wanted to re-balance the scales; focus on developing genuine technical talent along with client transparency to create long lasting trusted relationships with local businesses. As well as being their own boss!

What’s the story of bzb IT since starting 5 years ago?

The initial start-up phase was very successful as we experienced strong take-up due to the technical capabilities and experience of both Dragisa and Sam being abundantly clear. However, after this strong start the industry entered a difficult period during the ‘Covid Lockdown’ era, where we fought hard to pivot the business as our client’s needs changed seemingly overnight. This era was defined by long nights and hard work, but after fighting tooth and nail to support our clients in a new remote world, we managed to solidify our service and built incredibly strong trust with our client base.

Over the last two years we’ve invested heavily in our technology and service capabilities to build a strong platform for growth. But it was also clear we needed external expertise outside of the ‘tech world’ to develop other key areas, such as Sales, Brand, Commercials, Operations and more.

Sam elaborates ‘we knew the next step for the business was outside of our skillset, but our difficulty was finding the right person and someone we could trust. Jack was the perfect fit, having corporate level experience as well as a degree in Business, he seamlessly transitioned into an Operations Manager role and we haven’t looked back. The additional bonus of being my twin brother, enabled me to trust him from the outset.

Given the impact Jack has made to company performance over the last 18 months, it was a clear decision to move him to Managing Director and provide long-term stability for the company.’

Bzb IT are now in a strong position and will push forward with our ambitious growth targets.

What are your core services?

In a nutshell, we’re an all-encompassing external IT service team for SMEs. We roll-out state of the art technical blueprints and provide three key services: A fully equipped IT service desk, technical consultancy to fulfil strategic objectives and an in-house professional services team to deliver change. Additionally, we’re certified auditors for the Cyber Essential Schemes and have designed our proposition to guarantee compliance all year-round for SMEs who desire this essential standard.

What is your customer base?

We support a variety of businesses, from small local companies to multi-nationals. We’ve built a proposition that works regardless of company size, so we look for clients that understand that technology can be used to create a competitive advantage, want to invest in their ambitions and have values that align with our own.

What’s next for bzb?

We’ve built strong foundations, seen healthy growth, and remained true to our core values. We’ll look to continue our hard work, with a focus on three key areas:

Revolutionise the way IT is delivered for SMEs – bold statement we know. But we intend to lead and then shift the market into providing a higher quality IT service, pushing the boundaries with our security focused proposition, all at an affordable price point.

Growth – we have ambitious growth targets as we wholeheartedly believe our proposition is market-leading and genuinely provides efficient and secure IT. Therefore, we want to partner with more brilliant companies across the South-West.

Community – a cornerstone of our founding purpose is to give back to our community and its people; we’ll continue to push this agenda through developing young talent, fundraising for charities, and investing in local events.


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