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Jack Vesey

Operations Manager
Jack holds a vast amount of experience in proposition management and development. In his career, he’s led initiatives across acquisition, commercial & governance in the financial services sector.

At bzb IT, he manages the strategic direction of the company.

Co-founder Sam Vesey has officially become a CISSP! So, what the heck does that mean…

What is CISSP?

‘CISSP’ stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. According to the (ISC)2, the certification is the most valued Information Security Certification in the world – and there’s good reason for that.

With a proven track record over 25 years in the making, the CISSP qualification truly demonstrates that an individual is a leading expert in Cyber Security in terms of both knowledge and experience.

To put in real terms, having CISSP proves you have what it takes to effectively design, implement, and manage a best-in-class cybersecurity program.

Why is it important to bzb IT?

At bzb IT we’re focused on becoming a leading Managed Service Provider with a unique concentration on Cyber Security. We believe that SMEs should have the same access to Cyber Security experts as larger enterprises, because their businesses need protection too.

Having our Co-founder, who is accountable for our client’s technical blueprint, qualified to CISSP demonstrates how we’re doing this. The certification is a real statement of intent, tangible proof that we can implement cutting-edge security policies and processes for our SME partners.

This means when we say we have ‘a uniquely focused proposition towards security’ and are ‘cyber security experts’ we have the backing to do so. Today, there are only approx. 8,000 qualified CISSPs in the UK, therefore demand for CISSP-certified professionals is at a record high. This means CISSP professionals tend to work in large organisations, or Managed Security Service Providers (although data estimates less than 20% of these security focused organisations even have a CISSP themselves). It’s therefore extremely rare for a Managed Service Provider whose target market is SMEs will have a CISSP professional in their organisation.

How does it benefit our clients?

Ok, so you might be thinking, why does that matter to my organisation? Well, here’s exactly why:

Peace of mind in my opinion is one of the most valuable benefits a professional service can provide. But it’s not easy to achieve. IT services can be difficult to quantify, SMEs are often outsourcing because it’s not within their skillset, which means it’s hard to know what an ‘IT expert’ is. Looking for a CISSP professional is an easy way to demonstrate this and know you’re in safe hands.

Value for money is vitally important for all SMEs, especially in such a competitive environment with increasing costs. Having an affordable IT provider that can effectively manage your security protocols to ensure your business doesn’t fall victim to malicious cyber-attacks is paramount – and a massive cost saver!

Having a competitive advantage is the cornerstone to any successful business. A competitive advantage can come in the form of outsourcing your IT to experts so you and your business can concentrate on the million other things you need to get done!

What does this mean for Sam Vesey, the bzb IT Co-Founder?

Firstly, we’re all immensely proud of Sam for achieving CISSP, it pays testament to his focus on becoming an expert in Cyber Security. CISSP is a management certification, which proves Sam’s ability to apply the highly technical to real-world scenarios for organisations. This, alongside other technical qualifications that Sam holds such as CCNP, OSCP, CCNA x2 gives him a real badge of honour within the IT security world and is proof of his breadth and depth of knowledge.

Sam’s focus will continue to be how bzb IT design and implement the very best technical solutions for our clients. This will now include taking aspects from the CISSP qualification and translating them into meaningful actions for SMEs.

If you have any questions for Sam, or any of the bzb IT team, please do get in touch. If not, why not reach out to Sam with a congratulations!

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