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3 ways Microsoft 365 can enhance your hybrid office

Working from home in remote-capable roles came to prominence during the pandemic, the benefits included more flexibility, improved employee morale and cost savings for both workers and employers. But as the world moves into some sort of new ‘normality’ workplaces seem to be settling on a hybrid working approach.

One of the leaders in this space has been Microsoft. The company plans to add multiple new features this year, here’s some of the ways you can use them to optimise a productive hybrid office. Please note, some of these features are already out, and others should release later this year.

1. Teams expanded features

Microsoft Teams is so much more than a team messaging hub. The app combines the best of virtual video meetings and messaging. It brings them together into a platform designed to be a secure online work hub.

MS Teams has come a long way over the last five years. And the company continues to add more features to enable hybrid offices. Some of the recent feature updates include:

  • The ability to do webinar registration
  • Presenter modes that provide a more professional presence
  • Increased security through features like smart links and smart attachments
  • A full business VoIP phone system add-on
  • The addition of a “metaverse” component called Mesh for Teams

2. PowerPoint video control

People often share a screen in a video call and present a PowerPoint presentation. It can be difficult to keep everyone as engaged as when you’re presenting in person.

For example, in person, you can maintain eye contact. People can clearly see your facial expressions as you emphasise various things. That’s not always the case when presenting virtually. The app may push your video feed into a tiny box.

There’s a new upcoming feature for Teams called Cameo. It will allow you to seamlessly integrate PowerPoint with MS teams. You can decide exactly how you want your video feed to appear in relation to your presentation.

Another addition is Recording Studio. This new feature for PowerPoint allows you to record professional-looking on-demand videos. You can do it right inside the app. 

3. Presenting skills

Microsoft has poured a lot of AI capabilities into Microsoft 365 over the last several years. One that will soon help you deliver better virtual presentations is Speaker Coach.

This is a private and personalized coach. It can help you hone your presentation skills. This improves your switch to the differences between presenting online versus in person.

Some of the feedback it can provide include:

  • Use of repetitive language
  • Use of filler words (Ummm)
  • Speaking pace
  • Pausing for input
  • Intonation
  • Speaker overlaps

Ask us about improving your hybrid office

We know that reading a guide doesn’t always bring features to life, or at least explain how to set them up properly in your business! We’re always on hand with expert guidance whenever you need us. Contact us today to set up a chat about how Microsoft 365 can help your business grow.

Article used with permission from The Technology Press.

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