Bridging the Cyber Security Skills Gap


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Oli is an expert in Business Development, with prior experience in event sales for international companies. He’s also held public sector roles where he’s managed governance and control processes. Oliver brings bzb IT’s proposition to life, clearly articulating the value of information technology to SMEs long term success.

The role of IT Managed Service Providers

The evolution of cyber threats has led to a severe shortage of skilled Cyber Security professionals, leaving businesses vulnerable to potentially devastating cyber-attacks. As technology advances, businesses face the daunting task of securing their digital assets effectively. Fortunately, IT managed service providers (MSPs) such as bzb IT have emerged as a crucial solution in addressing the cyber security skills gap.


bzb IT are uniquely positioned to offer expert cyber security services to their clients. Focused solely on IT services and Cyber Security, bzb have assembled a team of dedicated cyber security experts with a comprehensive understanding of the latest threats, vulnerabilities, and industry best practices. These experienced professionals provide clients with top-notch security solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Training and Certification

Staying ahead in the rapidly evolving cyber security landscape is key to our business model and demands continuous training and certification programs for our staff. We invest in ongoing education and professional development. This is a great part of the article to congratulate our technical director Sam Vesey on recently receiving the CISSP accreditation.

CISSP is a world renowned and extremely rare qualification, with only approx. 8,000 in the UK and very few working in the Managed Service Provider industry. The qualification is difficult to obtain and tests a wide range of both knowledge and experience. It’s designed to prove you are a leading expert in Cyber Security and have what it takes to effectively design, implement, and manage a best-in-class cybersecurity program.

Risk Assessment and Compliance

To ensure robust cyber security, MSPs conduct comprehensive risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities within a clients IT infrastructure. Examples of these risk assessments include Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essential Plus certification.

bzb are in a unique position of being an IASME certification body, meaning we can administer these accreditations ensuring all our clients are secured to the government standard. 

Cyber Essentials is however like an MOT on a car, it only as good as the day it is given. To counteract this, we have created a first of its kind service contract that gives all our clients the peace of mind that their assets are secure 24/7/365.

The cyber security skills gap presents an ongoing challenge for businesses nationwide. As cyber threats continue to evolve, SME’s struggle to find and retain highly skilled cybersecurity professionals. By partnering with bzb, any business can focus on their core objectives while entrusting the vital task of cyber security to experienced experts.

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