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If there’s one thing the modern world has taught us about consumers, it’s they priortise convenience. That equates to technology that makes their life easier. This means SMEs have to continually update their tech, from ecommerce to POS systems, you need to keep the customer experience in mind.

When consumers aren’t satisfied with their experience interacting with a company, they leave or won’t repeat buy. And their experience might not be related to your products or services. It could be they found it hard to navigate your website. They may have a question, but no one was around to answer it. The whole buying journey just felt clunky.

Customers expect the buying journey to be hassle-free, and technology based. Companies that do that, reap the benefits.

Below are several ideas for all SME budgets that can help create a smooth buyers journey.

Cloud Forms

Are you still emailing forms in Microsoft Word to your customers? Using cloud-based forms enhances the experience. Your customer doesn’t need to save down a form and remember to email it back. Instead, they can follow a link and fill out the info online from any device.

Moving your forms to the cloud makes it easier for you as well. The form data comes in automatically. These systems also collate forms and provide analytics.

If you use Microsoft 365, then you already have a cloud form tool. Look for Microsoft Forms in your available applications or visit Microsoft’s site.

Digital Signatures

Experts expect the use of eSignatures to grow by 69% by 2024. The ability to digitally sign documents means more contracts get signed. People don’t have to print out a form, sign it, then scan it back in. Any of those activities could mean a bump in the road, as well as being a pain!

Printers run out of ink. People have trouble with a scanner they rarely use. The list goes on. Any problem can mean a customer rethinks signing a document that you need.

Using digital signatures streamlines the process. You can handle the transaction online. You also ensure you have a legally binding contract. 

Smart Chatbot

When someone makes a buying decision, they often have a question. If they don’t have a quick and easy way to get an answer, they may go elsewhere.

Chatbots are really smart these days, and are likely to get even smarter. If you program them right, they can answer a large percentage of repeat questions. They’re there 24/7 on your website ready to help in a moment of need. I prefer to advise using them as interactive FAQs, rather than sales prompts flashing on the screen.

Many customers actually like them. About 68% of consumers are happy using helpful chatbots. They say they like that they get a fast answer from a bot. This isn’t always the case when customers send an email.

SMS Notifications

SMS notifications are another type of technology that can improve customer experience and is often overlooked. Emails have become flooded with junk mail. When someone needs to know about a shipment or purchase, they often prefer it by text. This way the message isn’t missed.

Think about implementing SMS notifications for important customer alerts. Make sure you have an opt-in and opt-out method. It’s also a best practice to let the customer choose which alerts they want to receive. Such as payment notifications, sales, or shipping details.

Business Mobile App

People have been in a transition from websites to apps for a while, with a helping push from companies. Of course, the internet isn’t going away, but apps are gaining ground. A big reason for this is the rise of smartphones.

Smartphone searches are overtaking web searches. And when people are on a mobile device they prefer apps over websites. Studies show that mobile users spend 90% of their time using apps, and just 10% using an internet browser.

Think about implementing a mobile app for your business. This can make it easier for customers to do business with you. It also gives you more marketing and service capabilities, such as push notifications.

VoIP Phone System

You might think of your phone system as an internal piece of IT. But it’s also one of your most customer-facing technologies. The experience people get when they call is a vital part of how they view your business.

VoIP phone systems give staff the flexibility to help customers anywhere. This is true even when away from their desks. They also enable things like group ring, auto-attendant, and voicemail to email. All these features make for better caller interaction with your business.

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Article used with permission from The Technology Press.

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